Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree in Pre-Engineering is designed to provide students a set of skills and courses that will transfer into a four-year engineering program, mathematics, or related field. The intent of the program is to develop student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), expose students to STEM curriculum, and foster the pursuit of advance degrees at the university level. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their LCC advisor for proper advising and course selection.

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Degree Requirements - Minimum of 62 Credit Hours Print Requirements

General Education Core       (36 hours)
Area I.    Communications       (9 hours)
ENG111Freshman Composition I 3 credits
ENG115Freshman Composition II 3 credits
SPCH111Public Speaking 3 credits
Area II.    Mathematics       (4 hours)
MATH116Intermediate Algebra 4 credits
Area III.    Laboratory Science       (8 hours)
Area IV.    Social and Behavioral Sciences       (9 hours)
Area V.    Humanities and Fine Arts       (6 hours)
Program Requirements       (23 hours)
CS105Introduction to Computer Science 3 credits
CS121Introduction to Programming 4 credits
MATH180College Algebra 4 credits
MATH190Trigonometry 4 credits
MATH195Calculus I 4 credits
STEM117 Introduction to Engineering Technology 3 creditsl
STEM250STEM Capstone 1 credit
Approved Electives       (3 hours)

***Students may select one elective course from STEM Department with faculty approval.

Pre-Engineering Program Curriculum Profile 2012-2015

Program Resources

For more information, please contact:
Program Director: Francisco Apodaca
Phone: (505)454-2510
Email: fapodaca@luna.edu
Program Advisor: Dr. Rita Surdi
Phone: (505)454-2587
Email: rsurdi@luna.edu


PhD - Mathematics- Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
MS - Mathematics-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
BA – Mathematics with concentration in Statistics and Computer Science-San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Program Advisor: Mrs. Betsy C. Sanchez
Phone: (505)454-2554
Email: bsanchezi@luna.edu


MA – Education and Curriculum & Instruction Specialization in Mathematics Education-University of Phoenix
BA – Elementary Education-New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM
AS – Office Administration-Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
Certificate – Computer Specialist - Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
Certificate – Office Information System - Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
Certificate – Word Processing Operator - Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
Office Manager: Amanda, Tapia
Phone: (505)454-5370
Email: atapia@luna.edu

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE Lab)

Technologies Center

Coordinator: Monica Rossetti
Phone: (505) 454-5306
Email: mrossetti@luna.edu

Student Success Center (Student Services Center)

Director: Renee Maestas
Phone: (505)454-5355
Email: rmaestas@luna.edu
Advisor: Janice Medrano
Phone: (505)454-2546
Email: jmedrano@luna.edu

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