Student Account Acceptable Use Policy

Student Account Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

The primary purpose of information technology resources at Luna Community College (LCC) is to enhance and support the educational mission of the College. Access to the Colleges's technology resources is a privilege granted to LCC students, faculty, staff, and approved guests. These resources include hardware, software, computer accounts, local area networks as well as connections to other computer networks via the Internet. Everyone using these resources is responsible for using them in an appropriate, ethical and lawful manner.

All users must refrain from the following activities:

  • Using computing resources to violate any college policy or regulation, or federal, state or local law.
  • Using college computing resources for personal gain or personal commercial purposes.
  • Entering, without authorization, into any account to use, read, transfer or change the contents in any way.
  • Using computing facilities to send obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing messages.
  • Using the resources for activities not directly related to academic or research endeavors in such a way that it causes disruption to other users.
  • Installing or using unauthorized copyrighted materials or licensed software.
  • Using computing resources to interfere with the normal operation of college computing systems and connected networks including, but not limited to, introducing viruses, flooding the network with messages, sending chain letters, or unfairly monopolizing resources that results in the exclusion of others.

Sharing or downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal and as such is against college policy. If you share copyrighted files without the permission of the copyright holder, you are breaking the law and may face civil and/or criminal prosecution, in addition to college discipline.

Intentional failure to comply with this policy may result in action that may include suspension of user privileges or other disciplinary action.


Guidelines for Using Computer Labs

The primary purpose of computer lab resources is for academic research, study, and doing class assignments. Lab users have a right to expect a quiet, clean, academic lab environment. These guidelines are intended to clarify the responsibilities of lab users towards this end.

  • All activities must adhere to the guidelines for "Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources".
  • Use of the lab is restricted to the current students, faculty, and staff. Lab Attendants have the right to request to see a College ID.
  • No food, drinks, pets, or bicycles are permitted in the labs.
  • Children are not permitted in the labs without the supervision of their parents.
  • Loud conversations are not permitted in the labs, as it is a disturbance to other users. This also includes listening to music with the earphone volume turned too high. Students engaged in loud, disruptive conversations in the labs would be asked to leave.
  • Users are responsible for saving their documents on their own removable media or network volume. Downloading or installing programs on the hard drives is strictly prohibited.
  • When all workstations are in use and students are waiting to use a computer, the lab monitor will ask those using computers for recreation [games, web browsing not related to class/instruction, etc.] to relinquish their seats to those needing to do their academic work.
  • While you have the freedom to view varying types of materials, please remember that others in the lab may, and can, see what you are looking at. We are not trying to dictate what material you may view, only asking that you have respect for other people’s feelings while doing so.
  • Use of lab equipment to view or download materials may require the user to demonstrate his/her educational or research purpose for such use. Lab attendants are authorized to make this inquiry upon a complaint from another user in the lab. Lab attendants may ask a user viewing such materials to move to another workstation in an inconspicuous area of the lab.

Intentional failure to comply with these guidelines will result in action that may include suspension of user privileges.

Email Distribution Lists

Electronic announcements are distributed to the college community through email distribution lists. A distribution list is a list of email addresses. Emails sent to a distribution list are received by all members of the list. Distribution lists facilitate group communication by eliminating the need to enter individual email addresses when sending an email to a group.


All uses of distribution lists must adhere to the LCC Acceptable Use Policy, as well as other policies related to specific distribution lists (such as lists for departments, colleges, organizations, etc). Individuals who send messages through distribution lists are personally responsible for the message content. Distribution lists may only be used for college related purposes and may not be used for private or personal use. When sending an email to a distribution list, it is helpful to consider the following questions:

  • Does this email pertain to all individuals on the list or just a few?
  • Is there a more effective method of distributing this information?
  • Does using the list conflict with any aspects of the LCC Acceptable Use Policy?
  • Is this information directly related to the group receiving it?

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